The Fat & Broke Podcast

150 | We Call Bullsh*t! | Calling Out Health & Fitness Social Media Influencers

September 05, 2022 Peter Brouillard, Gary Donia, & Sarah Newell
The Fat & Broke Podcast
150 | We Call Bullsh*t! | Calling Out Health & Fitness Social Media Influencers
Show Notes

Show Summary: 

Today's show teaches you how to eat all the carbs you want by taking a daily pill, how to get ripped by eating bull testicles and 100 eggs a day, AND we have a diet that cures cancer!

If this all sounds like bullshit, it is! We discuss how to sift through the garbage on social media to find the information you can use.

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We are back!!! It has been five weeks since we last recorded, and it's great to be back together. Before diving into the week's headline, we discuss that and the show's future.

Headline Of The Week:

Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits: Fact or Fiction?

Peter reviews the beliefs around the health benefits of apple cider vinegar and helps us decipher which are evidenced based and which are not.

Calling Bullshit On Fitness & Nutrition Social Media Influencers:

Research & Background

  • A study by the University of Glasgow found that 90% of "weight-loss" advice on social media is wrong.
  • Poor content is a result of ignorance, money, and more.
  • Influencers in this space contribute to body image issues, eating disorders, and injury.

Influencers In The Spotlight

  • The Liver King
  • Fernando Torraca
  • Michelle Lewin
  • Belle Gibson
  • Brittany Dawn

Action Items

Fan Feedback:

I really appreciate this podcast and the helpful information it provides on such a wide variety of topics. I love the banter between hosts, and they don't use a lot of inside jokes that the audience wouldn't get (I've heard this on other podcasts) and are able to balance between being light-hearted and funny but serious at times. They really speak to their audience and aren't just focused on each other. Thank u for this podcast!

–Chris From NC