The Fat & Broke Podcast

151 | Summer Sessions Finale | The Good, Bad, & Ugly From Our Summer

September 12, 2022 Peter Brouillard, Gary Donia, & Sarah Newell
The Fat & Broke Podcast
151 | Summer Sessions Finale | The Good, Bad, & Ugly From Our Summer
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Show Summary:

Welcome to the Fat & Broke Summer Sessions…

As Fall nears, we take a moment to reflect on the Summer that was for the three of us.  What can we take with us (and leave behind) as we progress in our quest for Better Every Day?  Today’s show looks at the Good, Bad, & Ugly of the Summer of 2022! Welcome, to the Fat & Broke Podcast Summer Session Finale!

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Headline Of The Week:

The Biden-Harris Administration's Student Debt Relief Plan Explained

In this week's headline of the week segment, we review the details of student loan forgiveness and discuss our thoughts surrounding this topic.

The Good, Bad, & Ugly From Our Summer:

In this roundtable discussion, we each discuss what we learned from this Summer.  Most of it was good, but there was definitely some bad and ugly mixed in there also.  The key for us is reflecting on the Summer that was and learning what we can from it.

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Hilariously funny with some great education

I have been listening for most of this year and have really enjoyed the bantering between all of you guys. I learned so many things that I can use in my life. Glad you guys took time over the summer to relax and refresh. I’m looking forward to having 2 weekly episodes again. I listen while I’m working out and it makes my time pass so quickly. Not sure why Sarah puts up with as she says “These Assholes”. She makes the show and holds you two clowns up. Never let her leave. Thanks again.

Sept. 9, 2022 by Alan on This Website