The Fat & Broke Podcast

152 | Move Like A Kid | Hurt Less, Move Better, Live Fully

September 19, 2022 Peter Brouillard, Gary Donia, & Sarah Newell
The Fat & Broke Podcast
152 | Move Like A Kid | Hurt Less, Move Better, Live Fully
Show Notes

Show Summary: 

Do you remember moving like a kid?  Did it hurt?  Did you even think about or did you just do it?  Wouldn't it be nice to move like that again? In today’s show, we discuss what it means to move like a kid, why we stop doing it, and how we can start again.  Welcome to another episode of The Fat & Broke Podcast!

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Sarah is very late to our recording session so we give her a bunch of shit.

Headline Of The Week:

How do strong muscles keep your brain healthy?

Peter reviews an article that discusses how strength training can directly impact our brain health.  As always, Peter wants to talk about muscles.  Tune in to hear our discussion.

Move Like A Kid:

The Problem:

  • As we age, we become stiff and prone to injury.
  • Our sedentary lifestyle creates much of the problem.
  • Myths about movement contribute to our fear of movement as well.

Action Items:

  • Train with functional movements through the full range of motion.
  • Put yourself into positions that are true to the way we really move.
  • Return to basics such as rolling, quadruped, crawling, kneeling, and standing.
  • Play!
  • Include running, jumping, agility, and sprinting in your program.
  • Ignore the myths like knees can’t go over your toes and more.

Fan Feedback:

HeyBig G!!! I have a question for you to ask Peter for me!! I want to take probiotics to help out my gut microbiome since I’ve had my c-section. I feel like I would instead do things a bit more naturally than taking medication. Does he have a good recommendation on which probiotic to take? I’ve been doing a bit of research on it but I know he’s all about it