The Fat & Broke Podcast

175 | So Lonely | America's Loneliness Crisis

February 27, 2023 Peter Brouillard, Gary Donia, & Sarah Newell
The Fat & Broke Podcast
175 | So Lonely | America's Loneliness Crisis
Show Notes

Show Summary: 

Are you lonely?  Do the people in your life appear to be more lonely than before?  The chances are you answered yes to both of these questions.  Why?  Because America is in the midst of a loneliness crisis.  In today's episode of The Fat & Broke Podcast, we discuss the rise of loneliness and some possible solutions to help us all feel more connected.

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We are recording during an arctic blast with temperatures dipping to minus 40 degrees.  

Headline Of The Week:

Amazon Launches A Subscription Prescription Drug Service

America’s Loneliness Crisis:


  • 29% of households are one person
  • 36% of Americans feel lonely
  • 61% of young adults feel lonely
  • 51% of moms with young kids feel lonely
  • Loneliness increased with Covid

Effects of Loneliness:

  • Earl Death
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Heart Disease
  • Substance Abuse
  • Equivalent To Smoking 15 Cigarettes A Day

Loneliness Defined:

  • A Gap between the level of connectedness that you want and what you have


  • Covid
  • Technology/Internet
  • Work From Home
  • Social Media
  • Job Changes/Relocation


  • Counseling
  • Hobbies
  • Reaching Out
  • Community Events
  • Religion
  • Volunteering